Windows 7 Registry cleaner reviews

A Windows 7 registry cleaner is a software application that performs a registry cleanup process that automatically identifies and manages redundant or unwanted files from the Windows registry. It is developed for the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and operates at every process of the device just like in any other Windows operating system that needs constant maintenance. It is also known as registry cleanup software programs.

It is a third-party software program that is installed on the computer. These can either be downloaded from trusted websites on the internet or bought from your local computer software shop. Unlike previous programs that are similar to the Windows 7 registry cleaner, there is no more need for human intervention. The program will have to be left running to be able to identify and eliminate all unwanted files very quickly.

Most registry cleaners are 64 bit compatible and can be used in higher versions of the Windows operating system. It supports all configurations including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

What is it for and is it necessary?

Your registry gradually becomes out-of-date and will start to fill itself with unnecessary information that will surely slow down your computer. A bad registry slows your computer down and this depends on how the registry files get in the way of the different processes. In some cases, it will cause your computer to shut down on its own, create annoying error and system alerts, or worse, crash altogether. This can be seen when the computer freezes up or a complete blue screen crash.

This happens when your computer gets instructions from unwanted and unnecessary files to look for specific things that don’t really exist. That means your computer starts to look for something in the hard drive from one into the other. This activity slows your computer down tremendously.

A Windows 7 registry cleaner is designed to operate automatically and will identify, backup and remove redundant information from the registry. It cleans all the files in the registry that obstructs the normal flow or processes of the computer. However, due to its size and complexity, manually identifying such redundant, useless and nonproductive files will be inefficient because of the time-consuming process.

What’s the catch?

PC Registry cleaners back up files before proceeding with the operation and they restore functions if ever it breaks the functionality of your computer and as long as it is bootable. But the damage cannot be ascertained without the time-consuming process that the scanning is supposed to avoid. The usefulness of the backups also declines and the potential to corrupt the system from their use to restore certain settings can be very high. This makes it difficult to correct certain broken applications unless the same tool offers a comprehensive restoration tool, instead of only global change restore.

According to several websites, “during the initial ‘fixes,’ comprehensive manual assistance through facilities to examine registry keys, comprehensive help, a database, or just a routine to quickly ‘search online,’ is above and beyond what many products offer.” This makes it impossible to manually review the “repair lists” for all the files identified. Changing drive letters or renaming a directory is not recommended as it can instantly produce thousands of errors that could be repaired at once if automatically applied to all.

What about malware?

Trojan applications have used the benefits of registry cleaners to install malware, or malicious software. These Trojan applications use website pop-ups or “free downloads” that falsely report problems that can be fixed with the help of a registry cleaner. Some products even encourage a free registry scan, but you will be forced to pay a certain amount of money before you can use the registry scan.

Registry cleaners are not designed for the task of malware removal. Although some minor problems can be addressed such as a turned-off System Restore. But in cases where spyware, adware and viruses are involved, the removal of files critical to the system may result.

Can I afford it?

Registry cleaners are inexpensive. That’s if you consider the benefits they give. Most of these will perform a scan—a free one—so you would be able to see any bad registry files before you purchase the license that lets the registry cleaner do its job on your computer. That means if the free scan reports negative for bad registry files, then you don’t need to worry and buy anything at all.

What are the best Windows 7 registry cleaners?

Microsoft has made efforts to make it easier to clean the registry with the use of the free registry cleaner software called Regclean; however it is still unofficial and unsupported by the software giant. Since several of the Windows operating systems use different registry systems, the free registry cleaner was never update and eventually forgotten. Today, Regclean is still available on non-Microsoft websites.

A lot of websites have given their reviews about the best Windows 7 registry cleaners. Some of them include:

1-Click-Fix will optimize your PC’s performance by scanning your registry for old corrupted files that slow down your computer. 1-Click-Fix will remove all  invalid registry entries which are causing your programs to crash and freeze. It will also scan your hard drive to instantly uncover the registry errors affecting your PC’s performance. With over 17 million downloads, 1-Click-Fix has increased PC performance and eliminated Windows error messages for users in over 100 countries.

Registry Winner is a multilingual registry repair and optimization tool that fixes pc problems, crashing and freezing. It can scientifically speedup your pc by scanning your computer’s hard drive and identify all system issues and fix them giving you faster pc without hardware upgrade!

Registry Easy uses an advanced optimized error scanning algorithm that will  swiftly recognize missing references in the computer’s registry. With some easy clicks Registry Easy will list all your pc problems and lets you choose to manually or automatically clean all or selected invalid items.

Reggenie is a registry cleanup software that solves many pc problems like missing file associations, Missing startup programs, Invalid device drivers, Invalid application paths, Corrupt registry files, EXE Errors, DLL Erros, Runtime Errors, Internet Browser Errors, Windows installer errors and many more! You can backup, defrag and fix your registry in no time using it.

ErrorFix gives you the ability to restore your PC to the best performance. The software utilizes the industry’s leading best registry scanning, optimizing and repairing technology together with an easy-to-use user interface that makes the task of cleaning your computer Registry a one minute operation.

Regcure is one of the most reliable registry cleaners today. It is easy to use, consistent and system performance is noticeably faster when tested. RegCure registry cleaner should be your first choice since it has many useful features that you can test with their free trial version.

Although not as consistent, this product was able to increase the speed of system operation. It includes a feature called “Registry Defragmentation” which is used to optimize and enhance system performance.

This product was tested well. There are noticeable improvements in the system. Although the interface is not as slick compared to other products, it is very efficient, easy to install, and cleans the registry well.

This product’s best feature is a “Roll Back” option that would quickly undo any unwanted changes in the system.  Programs are quicker to lunch and operates better after cleanup.

Although not as consistent as the other products, the great interface and speed makes up for it. It is fast, easy, and has very good functionality.